We have had the most fantastic ideas from all the children we have worked with. We haven’t been able to include every single one here because there were so many! However, we hope you enjoy all the ones you had read so far!

Now its your turn to see what we have been able to do with your ideas. Have a look at our film – made after a week of R&D. We’ve taken characters that you gave us, names you came up with, we’ve taken themes that you brought up and worked with them – friendship, family, danger and of course going on a journey. Click here to watch the film

‘When Space Rabbit’s planet is destroyed by a meteorite she and her family escape in the nick of time. A blast separates her space pod from the others, sending her hurtling towards Earth, where she lands outside the Tandaria Carehome, frightened and alone. Inside is Rufus Longbottom, an old gentleman desperate for one last adventure. He sees a pulsing light outside the sitting room window, goes to investigate and so begins a journey in which the unlikely pair go to the ends of the earth to find a family.’

This is just the start of the story. What do you think? Do you understand the first part of the story in space? Do you like the main characters? Which one do you like best and why? Did you enjoy the songs you heard? Why? or why not?  Our audience at the sharing wanted the Space Rabbit and Rufus Longbottom to meet more dangers – do you agree? We think they might meet some more of the characters you have come up with, Captain Amelia Hook, Treezilla and Pip the Caveman, but the biggest danger would be from the wolves. How would you continue their story?

We look forward to receiving your answers!

Sabina, Osnat and the team