workshop-photoWell, it has been an incredibly busy week of R&D. We have some really interesting characters to work with, Rufus Longbottom, Dan and Anne all live in the Tandaria Care Home, looked after by the ever patient Bernard. When an Alien Space Rabbit crash lands outside his window, Rufus is drawn to help it. So begin the pair’s adventures across the globe. From meeting sharks in the sea and cavemen on land, wolves in the mountains and treemen in the Amazonian rainforest, Rufus and Rabbit’s journey is never going to be dull! With our characters and story ideas taken from and inspired by the sketches and stories written by our young writers, we’ll see what they make of the story so far!

Here the cast are learning a song (I’m Still Young for My Age) composed by Osnat during the week.  Its been fantastic to have our designer, Tina in the room with us and we’re really looking forward to sharing the work with some East London workshop participants tomorrow.