frankie-and-the-rabbit-spider-1frankie-and-the-rabbit-spider-2I really hope you are able to read this story written by Connor at Ladywood Primary School, all about Frankie and the Rabbit Spider! Just in case, here is a precis. Frankie wakes up one morning, ready to catch the dangerous Rabbit Spider. He has to travel to Bugara to find the spider but when he gets there, all he can hear is the trees talking to him. Eventually Frankie finds the spider but there are guards protecting it. He comes up with a dangerous plan – to trip the guards up and capture the spider. But unfortunately Frankie himself trips up and he loses the spider and has to go home empty-handed. However that night, Frankie is hungry and leaves his bed to get something to eat. When he gets back upstairs, what should he find in his bed but the Rabbit Spider!