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Rufus Longbottom and the Space Rabbit – Storyboard

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St Johns Derby – here’s a new character

We met some wonderful characters yesterday in our work with St Johns Primary school in Belper, including Rufus Longbottom who…

A Grafton song sketch of Bob the Bogeyman

Workshopping with New City

On this page you’ll see some of the pupils from New City primary at work with Osnat and Sabina, warming…

New City Soundclip

I want to go on a nother Adventure…

A Ray Lodge Story Map

One of the delightful story maps from today’s workshop with the fantastic children of yr 5 Ray Lodge Primary School

fila-logo-15Begin the journey of story making with Filament Theatre - inspire a new piece of music theatre and watch it as it grows.


After an initial workshop, we invite participating children to submit stories, characters, drawings, poetry and even songs that the creative team of Filament will use as the basis for their nex...

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